18 июля 1912 — Абдул-Баха открыл молитву для мисс Арны Тру (Arna True)

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18 июля 1912 — Абдул-Баха открыл молитву для мисс Арны Тру (Arna True)

Текст молитвы

Revealed by Abdul-Baha, New York City. July 18-1912.

To the Maid-servant of GOD, Miss Arna True

(Upon her be Baha'Ullah El Abha)


O My Lord! Oh my hope! Oh Thou the Goal of my desire! Verily this Thy maid-servant Arna is being married to a servant of Thy servants.

They beg Thy Merciful blessing to pour upon them. They long to be surrounded by Thy Graces and Favors.

Oh my Lord. Suffer them to become like unto two stars scintillating and shining with the Lights of Thy Bestowals and rising gloriously from the horizon of Thy Knowledge.

Oh my Lord! Destine for them divine union and affiliation in this sphere of existence and found through them a revered and blessed family belonging to Thy Holy Threshold, as an example amongst Thy creatures.

Spiritualize them through them immeasurable men and women in this world of Thine.

Verily Thou art the Merciful, the Powerful, and Verily Thou art the Benevolent, the Compassionate.

(sig.) Abdul-Baha Abbas.

Trans, by Mirza Ahmad Sohrab, July 18.1912

New York City, N.Y. to be read when Arna and Leo were married.


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